Beginners Guide to Early PvE Endgame

Welcome back, I’m guessing you have either reached or about to reach max level in Lost Ark.  Let’s talk about what you can expect from the early PvE endgame.  I know you still have plenty of questing and enemy slaying to do, but I would do yourself a favor and start completing the early endgame activities as soon as they are unlocked.  You will reach a part in the main story where your item level will impact your ability to progress.  

In this guide, we are going to take a deeper look at the progression loop but also go over some of the most important early PvE endgame activities.  These activities will unlock at level 50, and you will be able to access them in any major town.

Progression Loop

I want to preface some of this information as it applies to the dungeons and raids outlined below. You should run your dungeons and raids twice each, daily.  The main reason to do these daily activities is because they all drop gear, accessories, upgrade materials and other useful items such as gems and cards.

The progression loop is simple in design, you obtain your first set of gear as you begin early endgame content.  You use the upgrade materials awarded from completing the content to increase your gear’s item level.  As your gear’s item level increases you can in turn increase the difficulty of the dungeons and raids based on your item level.  Naturally with an increase to difficulty, you also increase the quality of the rewards. For more on upgrading your gear check out our Gear Honing Guide.

Now let’s start taking a look at Lost Ark’s early PvE endgame, as I think this information will help you along your journey.

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are the starting point for early PvE endgame, expect to find your first full set of gear that is ready to be upgraded.  These instanced areas contain three stages and a time limit.  The objective is to kill waves of enemies as quickly as possible, you have 5 minutes to clear each stage with mini boss fights mixed in to keep things interesting.

Chaos Dungeons also use a variety of environments and enemy combinations to keep the content from feeling too repetitive.  These dungeons drop gear, accessories, upgrade materials and other useful items.

Guardian raids

Next up we have Guardian Raids, which are also timed instanced areas, but the objective here is to hunt and kill a giant boss, Monster Hunter style. Along with managing the timer, not only is the party faced with a limited number of revives, each player also has a limit on how many health potions they can consume during the fight.  

You will want to learn these fights as the harder the difficulty, the harder these bosses hit. This means you will want to avoid as much damage as possible, especially with a limited health potion supply.

Guardian Raids drop accessories, upgrading materials, and other useful items, but the upgrade materials dropped upon completion are not bound to your character.  Meaning you can save them for an alt, or sell them on the auction house to make some extra gold.

Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons are harder end game dungeons very similar to the ones you encounter while playing through the story.  Abyssal Dungeons do require you to be in a party, they also drop accessories, upgrade material, and other useful items.


The Tower is a 50 floor solo instance, where each floor requires you to complete a challenge.  If you complete the challenge you can move on to the next floor.  Each floor increases in difficulty, but also drops higher quality items.  Every fifth floor requires a more difficult challenge, but also a better reward, I think you can see a pattern here.

Challenges are typically to kill all enemies, destroy an item, or fight a named/boss.  You will need to upgrade your gear as a higher item level will be required the closer you climb to the top.

The biggest reason to complete the Tower is to obtain Skill Point Potions that come as a reward for completing the challenges.  These potions permanently add skill points to your account, allowing you to fully max out your skills.  Simply reaching max level does not award enough skill points to max out a full set of skills.  This mechanic also helps with alts, as you can assign points as soon as you are able to open the Skill Menu, giving you a nice power curve to blow through the starting content.

I hope you found this guide helpful, please leave any feedback or requests in the comments.  Good luck with Lost Ark’s early endgame, I’m Brunleyy, and I will talk to you soon.