Card System Guide – How to Obtain and Upgrade Cards

Cards in Lost Ark are a special type of collectible that will grant you small bonuses. You can open your Card Collection by pressing Alt+C.

Obtaining Cards

Cards can be obtained from almost any content in Lost Ark. Important sources for cards include raids, events, quests, towers, rapport. Some of them will give you random card packs, like Card PackLegendary – Uncommon Card Pack, and others like rapport will give you that NPC card. The cards you obtain will be shared across all your characters.

Equipping Cards

Cards themselves do not give any bonuses. To gain bonuses you must equip 2 or more cards of the same set. You can view your sets to the left of the menu, use right-click to equip a card.

Up to 6 cards can be equipped. Most sets give bonuses at 2, 3, 4, or 6 cards.

Bonuses usually give defensive traits, which aren’t particularly relevant but will give you a small advantage.

Upgrading Cards

By looking at the bonuses of a set you may notice that there’s something called “Awakening Level”. That equals the level of that card.

Most sets will give you extra bonuses if the sum of the level of the cards is higher or equal to some value. (As seen on the image to the right)

To awaken/upgrade a card you must go to the “Enhance” / “Workshop” tab on the top left.

Upgrading a card requires Card Experience and a duplicate of that card. You can view your experience on the top right of the upgrade menu. You can earn more experience with special cards such as Creation Fragment, which can be obtained from the same sources as normal cards.

To upgrade a card, select it, fill its XP bar, click the button to continue, and then you’ll need to use a duplicate of that card to finish upgrading. Cards can be upgraded up to level 5

Card Collections

Not all card sets can be equipped. However, all cards contribute to your collection. To view your card collection go to the “Books” / “Collection” tab on the top left.

Obtaining all the cards in a collection will grant you a really small bonus. Upgrading those cards will increase the mentioned benefits.


Cards in Lost Ark give a small effect, but they may end up being helpful to reach that additional HP or resistance you need for that boss. So, do not destroy/delete them!