Currency Guide – Gold, Silver, Crystals, Tokens

In this guide, we’ll go over the most important currencies in Lost Ark. We’ll cover how you can obtain them, their importance and what are they used for.

Main Currencies

The main currencies in Lost Ark are the ones you’ll mostly find while trading with NPC’s, other players, or in the Cash Shop.

CurrencyUsed/Spent forSource
Blue Crystals, Skins, and other Cash Shop Items.Bought with real money in the Cash Shop
Blue Crystals
Blue Crystals
Paid Subscription, Skins, Traded for gold, Mari’s Secret Shop– Bought with crystals
– Exchanged for gold
– Account Level rewards
Auction House Items, Upgrading gear, Blue Crystals, …– Una Dailies
– Exchanged for Blue Crystals
– Rapport
– Auction House
… other endgame content
Materials, in-game vendors, repairing gear, …– Una Dailies
– Chaos Dungeons
– Cubes
… other endgame content

Other Currencies

CURRENCYUsed/Spent forSource
Tax for Buying gear/accessories in the Auction House Auction House– Bought with Blue Crystals
– Game Events
Pirate Coins
Pirate Coins
Mainly Upgrading your ship, hiring new sailors, housing missions, …– Ship Co-op Quests
– Adventure Islands
– Ghost Ships
… other navigation content
Emerald shards
Harmony Shards
Filling XP bar to upgrade/hone gear.– Chaos Dungeons
– Dismantling gear
– Una Dailies
– Towers
… other endgame content.
Sylmael Crystals
Trading for other goods at the Exchange Sylmael Crystal Exchange NPC.– Participating in Guild Activities
– Donating Resources to your Guild
Coins of Courage
Gear upgrading materials, mounts, titles, at the PvP Exchange PvP Exchange NPC.– Doing PvP content.
Sailor coins
Sea Coins
Exchanging for Pirate Coins, collectibles, or other sailing stuff.– Sailing Activities
– Co-Op Sailing Missions
– Events
Providence Stone
Providence Stones
Buying Rapport Gift Boxes and Skins at the Exchange Rapport Exchange Rapport NPC.– Normal Quests
– Una Dailies