Engravings – Beginner Guide

Once you have advanced in your Lost Ark journey, you will encounter a system that will be important to understand sooner rather than later: Engravings.

We will do a simple breakdown on it all for you today, so you have an idea of what to do with those engravings and what they’re all about! em and what it is all about!

What are Engravings?

Engravings are one of the systems available in Lost Ark that allow you to further increase the customization of your character’s playstyle. They function as additional bonuses.

A single engraving can catapult a class into a completely different direction.

To put it simple, these provide your character with buffs, either permanent or temporary, under certain conditions. Every engraving is going to be unique and many different engravings can work depending on your playstyle and build.

You will want to achieve optimal positive engravings to be the most efficient! However, along with this come some negative effects that can be part of engravings.

When trying to push the positive effects as far as you can, you will want to go for “minimizing the negative effect as much as possible while trying to get what you want”!

Understanding how it works

In your Character profile under your weapon you will have 2 bubbles, called Imprints, where you will be able to equip 2 engravings into. Clicking on those 2 bubbles will redirect you towards the entire list of engravings that your character can learn, whether general or class specific.

Each class has 2 spec specific engravings that are by far more powerful than the general ones.

You also have the engraving tab under your character profile menu that will show all the engravings you have unlocked, either through your gear or engraving books you’ve learned.

Each engraving there will show its current level, while the gem slots show exactly how far you’ve progressed that particular engraving.

Every time you reach 5 gems in an engraving, you learn a new level for that engraving. Each engraving has 3 levels and powers on the engravings are activated each time you reach those levels. Everything in between is just a step towards the next tier.

What do you need to learn and level your engravings

You will need class books or battle engravings recipe books, to learn your engravings and level them up. Each of those will require you to use 20 of the item you need, to be able to progress on the engraving & activate it and level it up. There are 4 ranks of books you can have: uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. Each of those packs of 20 you will use, will give you 3 gems on an engraving.

20 books = 3 gems on one engraving. You will have to use 20 uncommon, then 20 rare ones, then 20 epic and finally 20 legendry books to activate the 3rd level.

You can drop those books in bags or chests containing either just one or several you can choose from. (There are also some random chests that will give you a random book but most of the time you will be able to choose the one you want/need)

Be sure to open those bags or chests, when you are absolutely confident in what engraving you wanna choose. The reason is: many of those are a one-time bundle for your account. Sometimes dailies or weekly will drop some but in much lower quantity. So unless you wanna end up at the auction house buying some for quite some gold, I recommend you use them wisely!

Where can I get engraving books?

There are limited sources where you can get engravings at some point. The Tower activity, side quest, and a majority of the tiny islands will reward you with a few books of engravings. Chaos dungeons, guardian raids, certain rooms in cube dungeons, secret maps earned from chaos gates, abyssal dungeons, and spending perception shard (the currency chaos dungeons drop) at vendors in cities against engraving recipes.

And if you end up with too many books, don’t waste them, keep them for your alts, you might need some for their builds when you get there! Also keep in mind that each engraving you learn is shared between your characters on that server, so think carefully of which engraving will benefit your main or an alt, from an unlock.

And don’t forget to equip 2 Engravings!

Learning them and leveling them up is a good thing, but don’t forget to equip 2 of your engravings in the 2 Imprints under your weapon on your character screen.

Equipping an engraving in there will give you a boost to that specific effect depending on the level of said engraving.
Generally, you will slot one class engraving into one, and your most important combat engraving into the second slot. However, when you first unlock the engravings, you can put 2 of the same ones in there, until you get the engravings you really want.

Character Profile – Engravings

Jewelry role in engravings

Sadly, even after using 20 legendary recipes, your engraving will not be fully level 3. On the way there, you will still miss 3 gems on your engraving. That’s where jewelry and ability stones come into place. It will be important to fill the empty gems and to fill level 3 of your engraving.

Jewelry is pretty straightforward: the only thing to know is what you are looking for, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right thing. Jewelry increases your combat stats, but also has engraving points.

Your Necklace will focus crit, swiftness and special stats. Generally you will try to align this one with your class engraving if possible. Then you have 2 earrings and 2 Rings, those will fill in the gaps not met by the imprints, ability stones and necklace. Also make sure that the 2 earrings and 2 rings don’t have the same item name because you can’t equip twice the same thing.

Rare jewelry will have one random engraving point. epic ones will have 1 random engraving that will have 1 or 2 engraving points, as well as one malus with 1 to 3 engraving points. And Legendary jewelry will have 1 random engraving with 1 engraving point + one random engraving with 1 to 2 engraving points, and one malus with 1 to 3 engraving points. Because of the RNG nature of these, always check new items you get from chaos dungeons and guardian raids, don’t just automatically dismantle things. Everything up to stats, malus, engravings, can optimize your character.

Last thing to talk about are ability stones

Ability stones are an important piece of equipment, but can also be the most frustrating due to the RNG in game. These stones can provide a huge boost in additional stats and can also provide up to 10 engraving points for 2 different engravings.

Not only do you need to drop the perfect ability stone first, but once you have it, you also need to play an RNG game to actually make it functional for you to use. For that, you will have to use the faceting system. You take your stones to a vendor and will have to try to facet positive gems while avoiding as many negative ones as possible. Each time you hit the mallet and succeed you will get one point towards that engraving.

But succeeding will also lower your success chance on your next attempt. On the opposite, every time you fail; your success chance for your next attempt will increase. And because they are twice as many blue gems to fill as the others, the simple strategy of doing one then the other won’t work. Instead, you’ll likely have to make your best guess on the RNG on your side, depending on the success meter.

On end game gems you are mostly aiming for a 6/6/3 success, but of course, that depends a bit on your luck.
The main sources of getting ability stones are chaos dungeons and guardian raids. And of course, be careful to each stone you get. If you don’t need them, someone else might pay a nice price for them at the auction house.

You have the basics to understand the engravings, now don’t hesitate to look up guides and search for the perfect engravings for your class, or what type of builds you wanna go for yourself! The system can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will soon have no more issues, except maybe RNG not being on your side that is.

See you in Arkesia,