Lost Ark awakening skills

Awakening Skills – Basics and how to unlock them

Awakening are special skills that can be obtained once you reach level 50. In addition to having a longer cooldown, they also consume Chaos ShardsAwakening: Chaos Piece each time you use them. Each class has 2 different Awakening skills. Though you are only able to equip one at a time. We’ll discuss how to unlock each one of them and how to get Chaos ShardsAwakening: Chaos Piece.

Unlocking the first Awakening skill

Once you get to Vern Castle in North Vern, you’ll need to complete the main blue quests in that zone until Beatrice contacts you (a message in the middle of your screen). She’ll tell you to go to Trixion. Open your Sheet Music (F2) and use Song of Trixion in order to teleport there. Talk to Beatrice and you’ll get a Purple Quest.

From now on you’ll need to complete all the quests labeled with [Awakening]. These quests are simple and will just require you to go to a few zones. Before obtaining your first awakening, you’ll also be rewarded with your last Normal Skill in the form of a consumable that you need to right-click in your inventory.

Unlocking the second Awakening skill

Obtaining your second Awakening is not as straightforward. First of all, you’ll need to complete the main storyline in Rohendel. Once you’re done with it, a purple quest will be available at the mail NPC in Rothun (Rohendel). This quest will be labeled, once more, with [Awakening] or [Journey].

You’ll begin a really long questline (3-4 hours), taking a trip around many continents and islands. You just need to follow the [Awakening] quests, except for some cases which we’ll go over:

Facility X-301 Island

After completing some quests in Arthetine, you’ll be sent to an island called Facility X-301. In there, you’ll have to complete purple quests until you reach a point where you are at the entrance of a bunker and can’t continue the quest.

That bunker is a dungeon that you need to unlock. In order to do so, complete the yellow quests A Door Shut Tight and Serviceable Condition, located at the top of the map.

On the Russian server, these quests are called Secret Experiment and The Big Bang Protocol, respectively.

Twilight Isle

In Twilight Isle, you’ll need to complete another purple questline that starts with the kid NPC at the entrance of the island. If you try to continue with the [Awakening] quest you won’t be able to talk to the required NPC as it will tell you to explore the island, which means completing the questline mentioned before.

Final Steps

Finally, you will have to travel to Promise Isle. There, talk to Allegro. The final cutscene will show up and when it ends you’ll get your rewards. Open your inventory, right-click the awakening consumable and you’re ready.

Buying more Chaos Pieces

To use your Awakening skill you need Chaos ShardsAwakening: Chaos Piece. They can be easily obtainable at the General Goods NPC from any city.