Lost Ark Sailing Guide – All you need to know about it

Sailing in Lost Ark is extremely important. It’s required to travel between continents and is also used to complete several sea activities that give really valuable rewards.

How to Unlock Sailing

To unlock sailing you just need to progress through the main story until you reach about level 36. After finishing Blackfang’s storyline she’ll give you your first ship.

Sailing Interface

1Ship Skills: mainly used for navigation co-op events.
2Ship HP: If your ship loses all HP you’ll be forced to navigate to a nearby port and repair it for a higher fee.
3Ship Speed: The speed you are currently sailing in knots.
4Ship Anchor: Use Z to anchor your ship. You can anchor it anywhere, but with restricted options if it isn’t at a port.
5Auto-Sailing: If you toggle it your ship will continue straight ahead without the need to click.
6Rapid Sail: If the bar is full you can press space to temporarily speed up the ship.
7Hazard Meter: The higher it is, the more damage your ship will receive.
8Ship Horn: Press C to use the ship horn.
9Automatic Route: Press M to open the map and be able to set an automatic route.

Ship Attributes

To be able to fully configure your ship you must dock at a port.

Ship Skills

In the current version, ship skills are mainly used for marine events. They are not much more useful.

Ship HP

Ships lose HP just for sailing. You can only repair your ship at a port or by paying a Pirate CoinsPirate Coin fee at a Fishing VillageSailing Village. They’re distributed all over the sea.

Your ship will lose more HP if you sail through Hazardous Waters.

Hazardous Waters and Ship Resistance

By looking at the sea map, you’ll notice that there are some zones with different colors. These are Hazardous Waters, each one of them has a level which you can see by hovering its icon. If you sail through these waters your ship will lose much more HP.

Two examples of Hazardous Waters

There are 6 types of Hazardous Waters:

Kelp BedsKelp BedsArea full of algae. The more time your ship spends here the slower it will become.
Sandstorm SeasSandstorm SeasIn addition to the extra damage, you’ll also have reduced visibility.
Siren SeasSiren SeasYour ship may get stunned if you stay for too long.
Cold Snap SeasCold Snap SeasThese frozen seas will damage and slow your ship.
Tempest SeasTempest SeasIf you sail through this stormy seas, you’ll ship will lose HP and its skills may be disabled.
Dead WatersDead WatersYour ship HP and speed will greatly decrease while sailing through these seas.

Obtaining and Upgrading Ships

Some ships will better resist a specific type of Hazardous Waters. You can also level up these ships to increase their resistance and speed. There are 8 different ships in Lost Ark.


Another way of improving your ship resistance and speed is with Sailors. To equip a sailor just dock at a port and select “Sailors” on the bottom menu.

Most sailors are purchased with Sea Coins ( Pirate CoinsPirate Coin, Gienah's CoinGienah’s Coin, or Sea CoinSceptrum’s Coin ) on different islands or are rewarded for gathering collectibles.

Some sailors can only be used on a specific ship.

Sailor Examples

Sea Coins

Sea Coins are a special type of currency obtained by completing certain types of sailing activities. These activities include Islands, Marine Events, Island Quests. The most common currency you’ll find is Pirate CoinsPirate Coin. Other currencies are Gienah's CoinGienah’s Coin and Sea CoinSceptrum’s Coin (These 2 can be exchanged for Pirate Coins as well).

Sea Coins can be used to upgrade your ship, purchase sailors, purchase collectibles, and many other sailing stuff.

Most things you can buy with Sea Coins are at Merchant Ships.

Merchant Ships

Merchant Ships are a special type of NPC Ships that you can find in each continent’s port. They have the Sailing Ship icon on the map. They usually offer ship and gear upgrade materials.

Trading with a Merchant Ship

Ship Fast Traveling

At every port, you’ll find the Liner Liner NPC. Interacting with this NPC will allow you to skip sailing and fast travel to other continents for a Silver fee.

If you have the Crystalline Aura subscription you can travel for free.

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