Sea Activities Guide – Islands, Ghost Ships, Co-Op

While sailing the seas of Arkesia you’ll come across many activities that you can complete to get some nice rewards.

Island Islands

Islands are distributed all over the seas. You can identify them by the Island icon on the map. Each island has its own story, quests, and NPC Rapport. Exploring these islands and doing their contents will grant you valuable rewards, such as Island Tokens, gear upgrade materials, Sea Coins, gold, and many other things.

There are 4 types of Islands:

IslandNormal IslandsThese islands are always available and can be visited at any time.
PvP IslandsPvP IslandsPvP islands are like normal islands, but with PvP constantly enabled.
Timed IslandsTime-Gated IslandsThese islands can only be accessed at specific times. Some of them will only open for events. There are also timed PvP Islands.
Adventure IslandAdventure IslandsAdventure islands will only appear twice a day for a Coop Quest Adventure Coop Quest. Completing them gives you nice rewards, possibly including gold, Pirate CoinsPirate Coin, and gear upgrade materials.

Ghost Ship Ghost Ships

Ghost Ship Events will require you to board a Ghost Ship and kill its crew. They spawn every day at specific times. You can only receive loot once a week. Rewards for clearing a Ghost Ship include gear upgrade materials and engraving books.

It’s recommended to have the Eibern’s Wound ship with sailors who have the Fighter: Ghost Ship skill. This will heavily increase your performance in Ghost Ships.

Coop Quest Adventure Navigation Co-Op

Navigation Events are a series of 4 ship minigames that you have to complete with the help of other players. There’s one for each continent. This is an example for Tier 1 Continents.

ContinentItem LevelRewards
Anikka302Pirate CoinsPirate Coin, Gienah's CoinGienah’s Coin, Balance KeyKey of Balance
Arthetine302Pirate CoinsPirate Coin, Gienah's CoinGienah’s Coin, Balance KeyKey of Balance
North Vern302 Pirate CoinsPirate Coin, Gienah's CoinGienah’s Coin, Balance KeyKey of Balance
Rohendel415 Pirate CoinsPirate Coin, Sea CoinSceptrum’s Coin, Wisdom KeyKey of Wisdom

Balance KeyKey of Balance and Wisdom KeyKey of Wisdom will allow you to enter their respective gate on the map (Gate). These are specific Navigation Events that will only give rewards if you have the key.

Procyon’s Eye Compass

A quick way to view upcoming events is with the Procyon’s Eye Compass. To open it click the icon on the minimap.

Another way to see all events is through the stopwatch icon on the top-left of your screen