Useful Starting Tips for New Players in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is finally available for everyone! Today, on the 11th of February, the Game leaves the Early Access status behind as it goes “Free to Play” aka F2P! So here are some small tips on how to have a nice start. Let’s dive into 5 things that I personally think are good to know before you head into Arkesia!

Your Character Name

Choose your character Name carefully! Once a name is used it can’t be re-used for another character.

You cannot reserve a character name in advance. Even after deleting a character, the name used for it, won’t be available to re-use immediately UNLESS your character has not yet gained more than 10 levels. If you delete a character with 10 or less level, the name will be free instantly. If your character is 11 or higher in level, the name will be locked for at least 60 days after deletion.

For the Names themselves, there are a number of restrictions for Character names, Strongholds, and Guilds: Special characters (%@/& etc…), capitalized letters (only works for the first letter), no spaces, no numbers.

The Guild Name size is limited to 2-20 characters, and character names between 2-16 characters or letters.

Founder’s Pack Skins & Stacking Packs

If you claimed your Founders Pack already, within the next days you should receive another one for free which you can then claim on another server, should you intend on switching, or just on another character on the same server you’re already on. The Founders Pack’s stack, which means that you can redeem the skins and currency & goodies on another character of your choice, or if you are sure to stick with just one class, you can at least get the potions & bombs and stackable consumables one more time.

Don’t use all your consumable items

Especially if you got a founders pack, you will receive phoenix feathers (for reviving yoruself after dying), potions, bombs, etc.

Prioritize using potions with grey background rather than green and blue ones, since those will be the only ones usable in some raids, later on, ressurect yourself in case of death in any other way available than using all your phoenix plumes/feathers. You will need those a lot in end game.

Don’t neglect your Trade Skills

In addition to Combat Skills, you’ll also gain access to Life or Trade Skills by completing Guide Quests such as Mining, foraging, logging, hunting, fishing, excavating. Trade Skills are used to gather materials to craft items and consumables at the cost of expending a limited resource known as Work Energy, which is account-based. If this becomes too low, you have to wait for a certain amount of time before you can continue using a particular Trade Skill.

To level up your Trade Skills by gathering materials, you need Trade Skill Tools, which degrade over time. So instead of repairing low-ranked tools by spending Silver, thereby reducing their maximum durability, you can instead just purchase new ones. For rarer tools, it’s better to sharpen them with Crystals rather than replace them altogether.

Progressing these skills takes a long time to do, so it’s better to get started with it while you’re leveling up. Doing so prevents you from backtracking after you’ve reached the max level.

Now that you know some basic important things, you are ready to dive into the beautiful world of Lost Ark! Below you’ll also find the video that illustrates the points we talked about in this article.

Enjoy your adventure and we hope to see you in Arkesia!