Why Alts are important in Lost Ark

In most games, we tend to not want to create more than one character: it takes time, one has to go through the story again or farm the same things over and over in order to level a second character, and unless we wanna play with a friend and start a new character together, Alts are useless in most games. But this is not the case for Lost Ark.

Why Have Alts

Lost Ark is an MMO where a big portion of your end game progress will be made by completing daily and weekly quests & content. Some things will reset each week or even each day, and you’ll be able to do them over and over and to gather more items/gear/rewards.

In Lost Ark, you WANT to have Alts. If you are looking to be efficient in endgame, and get the most out of everything to boost your main, you will want to have as many Alts as you can.

Lost Ark is designed for you to have multiple classes, and have fun with all the different jobs you can play.

Of course, you can focus on just one character, but if you want to be efficient and optimize your account, having alts will be an important part of your journey, since you will be able to do all those daily and weekly things, on each of your characters, and share a good amount of items and gear in between your characters. This means gathering things on alts in order to transfer them to your main and optimize said character to a maximum.

How to transfer items

In your inventory, when you go on or hover over an item (as shown on the image below) you will have a little text in white saying “tradable” or in red saying “non tradable”, “bound to account” or even “binds when obtained”. If it says tradable or bound to account, it means you can store this item type in your account storage and then access them on another character. So just make sure to check this status on the item to see if you can send it over or not.

Everything that will drop from guardian raids and chaos dungeons will be tradable (except the runes and shards that will be character bound). All the upgrade materials, accessories, gems, everything can be gathered on different alts and transferred to your main so that you can then upgrade your main character to the maximum possible (at the time).

Having Alts permits you to get more gold and silver faster. Both will accumulate on your account and you’ll be able to use the currency on any of your characters. The more you do, the more gold and silver from quests you will get, and the quicker you will be able to use it again, to upgrade your main class as fast and as much as possible. And trust us when we say… you will need a lot of silver!

Let’s not forget the harbor

Every major continent has a harbor. There you can find a merchant where, with pirate coins (that you can get through events and that just cumulate over time), you can buy XP potions and, again, materials that you can buy per week, per character, and transfer those between your characters. And that, too, adds up to all you already have, so you can boost up your end game optimization more efficiently.

One Alt shouldn’t take more than 20/30min to clear all the daily content with. So even if you only make one alt because of less time to play, even just one will grant you a nice bonus every day in rewards, that you can then choose to feed to your main, or even to the auction house if you are in need of gold. So you can always grab some snacks after work and hop on some daily raids while diner is cooking!

When to level an Alt

Mainly, when your main will be done with things. When you reach level 50, you did your weekly or dailies & events that are timed. Then you have the choice to level an Alt. You don’t have to go from 1 to 50 in one go, but if you have time, don’t know what else to do, hop on an alt, level it.

Knowledge transfer

Once your main is level 50, geared and you have access to your stronghold & a level 10 alt (you should reach level 10 after the prologue), you will be able to access a quest to do the knowledge transfer between your main and the alt you choose, to get that alt from level 10 to level 50 in 8 hours with the story of the first continent completed, and all that only for 600 gold.

Although please bear in mind, that while 600 Gold might not be much in later game,- it is possible that during the first few days /weeks of starting the game, you might want to save up on gold and just do your first alt (second character) via another playthrough. It comes down to personal choice though.

In the end, the most important thing to know is that Alts will grant you an acceleration of everything and make end game less stagnant.

So now that you know everything important about alts, we hope you will have lots of fun playing with all the different classes and choose which hero you will be in the end.

See you in Arkesia,


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