Chaos Dungeons Guide – Overview and Rewards

Chaos DungeonChaos Dungeons

Item Level


Party Size


(You can easily do it solo)

Main Rewards

Harmony Shard Leap Stone Red Crystals Blue Crystals Cube Ticket Ability Stone Engraving Book
Blue Gear, Accessories




Chaos Dungeon Chaos Dungeons are a core part of endgame content in Lost Ark. To be able to enter your first Chaos Dungeon you must get to level 50, complete North Vern’s main storyline, and reach item level 250. When you are ready, go to the Chaos Dungeon icon on the map.

Tier 1 has a total of 8 different Chaos Dungeons. 4 from North Vern and 4 from Rohendel. As you progress with your character you’ll be unlocking them as each one has a different Item Level requirement.

Through Chaos Dungeons you can obtain Harmony ShardHarmony Shard, Leap StoneHarmony Leap Stone (Bound), Red CrystalsDestruction Stone Fragment, and Blue CrystalsGuardian Stone Fragment, which are necessary materials to upgrade your armor and weapons.

Daily Limit

You have a total of 100 Daily Energy. Each Chaos Dungeon you complete will consume 50 Energy. This energy is daily and for each character, meaning that you can complete 2 Chaos Dungeons per character each day.

If you don’t use your daily energy you’ll get 10 Resting Bonus for each 50 unspent energy. Resting Bonus is automatically consumed for extra rewards in future runs.

You can continue doing Chaos Dungeons after running out of energy. If you do so, you’ll only get two currencies which you can exchange to the Purification Fragment NPC for upgrade materials and accessories.

Completing the Chaos Dungeon

You can enter with a party or solo. It’s faster to go solo since Chaos Dungeons are easy to complete.

Clearing a Chaos Dungeon is really straightforward. Once you are inside it, you just need to clear waves of mobs through different zones. If your run isn’t successful you’ll still lose 50 Energy.

Chaos Dungeon Rewards

Completing your daily Chaos Dungeons is extremely important because they’re one of the main sources for upgrade materials.

There’s also a probability of a red or golden portal appearing after defeating a boss. These portals will lead you to another boss which drops gold.

These specific rewards are for Tier 1. However, Tier 2 and Tier 3 rewards are really similar. Replacing upgrade materials with materials from those tiers.

Loot Table

Harmony ShardHarmony Shard Leap StoneHarmony Leap Stone (Bound)
Red CrystalsDestruction Stone Fragment Blue CrystalsGuardian Stone Fragment
Cube TicketEntrance Ticket: Cube (Bound) Ability StoneLegendary Ability Stone
Engraving BookBattle Engraving Recipe Blue Gear
Accessories SilverSilver

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