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(It’s easier with a party of 4)


Cube Cubes are a restricted part of the endgame content in Lost Ark. To be able to enter a Cube all party members must have a Cube TicketEntrance Ticket: Cube (Bound). When you get your first ticket, you’ll receive the quest Purple Quest [Guide] Public Announcement: Cube, which will unlock cubes.

You can obtain Cube TicketEntrance Ticket: Cube (Bound) by random drops on Chaos DungeonChaos Dungeons or purchasing them at the Exchange Sylmael Crystal Exchange NPC. You can use multiple tickets at once and you’ll get as many rewards as tickets. Any party member can use the number of tickets they want, it doesn’t have to be the same.

Completing the Cube

Once you enter the Cube, your task will be to complete challenges while you progress through different stages. At each stage, you’ll receive random buffs and debuffs which may ease or complicate your run. In addition to all of this, you have a timer to clear that zone.

There are 5 types of stages:

  • Normal/Ranged Stage: Simply kill all the trash mobs.
  • Boss Stage: Kill a boss.
  • Survival Stage: Survive waves of exploding enemies, then kill the remaining mobs.
  • Lucky Stage: Loot treasures.
  • Elite Stage: Kill elite enemies.

To know which stage will come next you need to check the color of the light beam from the platform where you have to stand to continue.

The image shows an example of the Survival Stage.

If the timer runs out ghosts will spawn until you complete that stage. These ghosts deal a big amount of damage.

Cube Rewards

Each stage you complete will improve your reward chest. If you die, or more than half of the party members don’t go to the next stage, you’ll be kicked out and receive the reward chest you had reached. Chests go from Bronze to Diamond. The run ends when you get to the Diamond Chest since it’s the last stage you can reach.

You can solo a Cube, but it’s much easier if you go with a party of 4.

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  1. I’ve been playing on RU for a couple of weeks and I found that you can use 3 tickets when entering the cube, anyone has any idea what it does? Can I use 3 tickets alone, or if I use everyone on the party has to use it too?

    • Rewards are better if you use multiple tickets. What I’m not sure is if all party members have to use the same amount of tickets. But I don’t think so.

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