Platinum Fields Guide – Overview and Strategies

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Platinum Fields Platinum Fields are instanced islands where you can practice your Trade Skills without losing any energy. To be able to enter a Platinum Field all party members must have a Platinum Fields TicketEntrance Ticket: Platinum Field (Bound). When you get your first ticket, you’ll receive the quest Purple Quest [Guide] Public Announcement: Platinum Field, which will unlock Platinum Fields.

You can randomly obtain Platinum Fields TicketEntrance Ticket: Platinum Field (Bound) by doing Trade Skills outside of Platinum Fields.

As mentioned, the main advantage of Platinum Fields is that you can practice your Trade Skills without losing energy. Trade Skill energy is the green bar above the Trade Skill menu (use B to open it). The disadvantages are that you won’t get any Trade Skill experience and that you need a ticket to enter each time. Once inside, you’ll have only 15 minutes.

There are 2 different Platinum Fields:

  • Nahun’s Domain: ForagingForaging, LoggingLogging, andMiningMining
  • Old Yudian Canal: FishingFishing, HuntingHunting, and Excavating, ArcheologyExcavating

Nahun’s Domain

Nahun’s Domain is the Platinum Field forForagingForaging,LoggingLogging, andMiningMining.


To begin with, divide the map into as many parts as players. This is done to avoid players harvesting the same resource nodes.

At the Platinum Field spawn, you’ll notice that there are some resource nodes with a wooden sign in front of it. This is because harvesting those types of nodes will drop a special item. You can bring those items back to the spawn for special buffs. You can see these buffs on the top left of your screen.

A max of 4 items can be brought back for each player. For this reason, it’s better to go with a party of at least 3 players.

Some of these buffs will unlock access to secret zones with purple resource nodes


Wild FlowerShy Wild Flower Bright Wild Flower Crude Mushroom Fresh Mushroom Exquisite Mushroom Timber Tender Timber Sturdy Timber Iron Ore Heavy Iron Ore Strong Iron Ore

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Old Yudian Canal

Old Yudian Canal is the Platinum Field for FishingFishing, HuntingHunting, and Excavating, ArcheologyExcavating


Old Yudian Canal can be divided into two halves. The top one is forHuntingHunting, and the bottom one is forExcavating, ArcheologyExcavating. You can find 3FishingFishing spots at the bottom.

To get the most out of this Platinum Field you should have at least lvl 30 of these Trade Skills.

Similarly to Nahun’s Domain, you’ll also find special items which you can deliver to get special buffs. These buffs are not as worth as the others, so it’s up to you if you want to go solo or in a party.

Buffs include access to chests with special gems which can be traded for rare materials at the Trade Skill Material Exchange NPC


Thick Raw MeatTreated Meat Tough Leather Fish Red Flesh Fish Pearl Ancient Relic Rare Relic

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