Crystalline Aura

Get More than 1 month of Crystalline Aura for Free

Rewards were changed in the last update and this method no longer works.

The addition of the new EU West region included some special rewards for that specific region. However, that doesn’t mean that other regions can’t take advantage of that. In Lost Ark only 2 things are account-wide (shared between all regions), Crystalline Aura and Royal Crystals. This means that, for example, claiming 14 Days of Crystalline Aura on EU West would carry over to any other region.

Obtaining 14 Days of Crystalline Aura

To claim 14 days of Crystalline Aura you just need to login for 3 days on any EU West server. As mentioned before, this subscription will also apply to any other region. To get the Login Event rewards you only need to create a character on EU West and complete the Trixion Introduction. There is not a minimum playtime requirement, just login and claim the rewards every day.

Obtaining 1 month of Crystalline Aura

Day 6 Login Reward includes 500 Blue Crystals. Blue Crystals won’t carry over to other regions, but you can use these Crystals to purchase 1 month of Crystalline Aura on the Cash Shop.

The remaining rewards are region exclusive and can’t be transferred to other regions. Make sure you follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any updates.

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  1. This does not work anymore. They changed reward for day 6, it does not reward 500 crystals anymore.

  2. you can do this on every euw server since the event is server bound, meaning its own seperate thing on that server.
    so you can do it 8 times lmao.

    day 3 reward = 14 days aura x8
    day 6 reward = 500 crystals – 1 month aura x8

    I tried on 2 different euw server and on day 3 I got 14 day aura on both characters lmao so 28 days. I will do this on all servers for 1 year free aura

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