How to get Two Level 50 Character Boosts for Free

With the Release Patch notes for our release of Lost Ark, we got some really good news for both new and veteran players. Just for manually leveling a character to level 50, you’ll be able to get two free boosts to level 50 for two other characters. Make sure you get those boosts by following the next steps:

Obtaining the First Boost

To get the first boost you need to follow some simple steps. First of all, you need to reach level 50 with a character. Once you are 50 you can continue North Vern‘s Main Storyline (Blue Quests). The last step is to complete all main quests in North Vern until you get the quest Blue QuestEalyn’s Gift. Completing that quest will reward you with Vern Powerpass. Right click it in your inventory to claim the Powerpass and you’re done.

To use the boost you just need to select the character you want to boost and click “Powerpass” instead of “Launch”. Once you launch that character you’ll be able to replay parts of leveling events for special rewards, but you can skip that part.

Obtaining the Second Boost

To get the second boost you just need to use the first boost and you’ll receive the second through game mail.

After using both boosts you’ll be done. Amazon has stated that there won’t be any more free boosts for now. We may see a paid option in the future or other ways to get another free Powerpass.