Tier 3 at Launch – What does it mean? – T3 Content Guide

One of the latest news we got was Tier 3 content being available at launch. This was huge news for a lot of people. But what does that really mean? What does it imply and what are we supposed to do with that information?

What is “Tier 3”

Lost Ark has been released in other countries (Russia/Korea) for a while, and in those countries, the game has gotten a ton of different updates, patches & additional content has been added step by step. All this additional content has is called “Tier”. We can compare those ‘tiers’ with ‘patches’ from other games. A tier in Lost Ark will basically be the equivalent of a patch in most of your known other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, FFXIV, or any other similar game.

Basically, Lost Ark started at Tier 1 and each major update was one + Tier. Each Tier upgrade comes with new items, new skill points, news gear sets, even new zones, dungeons, and raids.

Lost Ark is currently at Tier 3 in the other countries, and this Tier is what is coming directly with the NA/EU launch for us. This means that there’s Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 content to progress through from the starting point. Immediately, on release day.

What does it mean

What it means is, Tier 1 and 2 will directly be outdated for us as we progress through the game and we will be able to pass through them pretty quickly in order to access Tier 3 content and farm Tier 3 immediately. You’ll want to spend most of your time in the Tier 3 zones and focus on the end game grind there and the content added with them.

What is the Tier 3 content

  • Tier 3 Gear will be available at launch
  • Combat level cap increased to 60
  • 2 New Zones (Punika and South Vern*)
  • 2 New Chaos Dungeons
  • 3 New Legion Raids*
  • 2 New Abyss Raids*

Additional Tier 3 content (marked with *) will be added to the game post-launch in order to set the pace for player progression for new content and optimal difficulty.

We will of course also have access to more quests to go through, more story, more content. MORE FUN!

Lost Ark – Punika

Knowing all that, don’t be afraid, there’s still a massive world to explore in Lost Ark, you can take your time and look around & enjoy all the new zones and things to do! And you can always come back to an earlier zone when needed or should you feel like you want to clear out things you might have missed or didn’t want to do immediately back then.

There are a ton of collectibles, things to unlock, quests, events, and much more, and the biggest impact of Lost Ark starting at Tier 3 is just that we’ll have thousands and thousands of hours of things to do in the game.

Let the adventure begin!