A Brief Look at the Community: Recommended Creators

Howdy y’all! Today I’ll be taking a look at a few streamers to give you some insight into who they are. Now that we’re over a month past launch I figured I could give some creators and their communities a shout.

Laufie is a Canadian based streamer who has played Lost Ark since the open beta test in Korea. During her time on the Russian server (dealing with massive ping issues), she obtained Master 2400 on her Bard. While she’s a support player at heart you can find her gushing over the big damage numbers seen from the Artillerist. She has a lovely PvP community that she’s built throughout her years of being a content creator. From my interaction with her community, they’ve been helpful, memey, and just fun to be around. With all this being said, I couldn’t forget to mention that she has been casting PvP games and is a Arkives Tournament caster. Laufie has also recently made the decision to become a full-time streamer, so you’ll be seeing plenty of her in the future.

Laufie’s Socials

Lin-0 has been playing Lost Ark for quite a long time. He’s been consistently Master+ for multiple seasons and has hit Grand Master the last season just before the western release on the Russian server. He posts informational videos on YouTube for beginners on PvP as well as offers coaching for Lost Ark through the Esports Performance Academy. On top of all of this, he’s a caster for the Arkives Tournament. Lin-0 and his community have always been helpful and a good source of knowledge when it comes to game mechanics. He will be a staple in the Lost Ark PvP community.

Lin-0’s Socials

DJ Montague isn’t just a gamer tag. He’s a Lost Ark fan by day and a DJ in Reno, NV by night. A skilled paladin in PvP and PvE, he’s been playing Lost Ark since Russia. He’s competed in multiple PvP events and consistently reaches the highest ilvl he can. DJ hosts Mokoko Cast and has had multiple other content creators on his podcast. He’s a talkative streamer so if you’re looking for good conversation and hearty laughs him, and his community are live consistently to supply. While his main game is Lost Ark, he has played all different types of games and has a vast knowledge of multiple MMO’s and RPG’s. He will continue to compete in Lost Ark PvP until he can break his second-place curse.

DJ’s Socials

Grenton is going to be the place you go if you’re looking for weekly PvP games. He’s got weekly casted custom games, he’s a host for the Arkives Tournament, and is a caster for much much more! Grenton has been playing and casting Lost Ark since October in the Russian server. He’s a die-hard Shadow Hunter main and isn’t afraid to show you how adorable his dog is. While having a full-time IRL job he makes time for anyone who needs help. Grenton and his community are very wholesome and will constantly joke about his hairline. Keep an eye on Grenton as he will continue to be a part of Lost Ark as long as he can cast games.

Grenton’s Socials

Sywo has been making Lost Ark content for years. He’s covered everything from the Korean release to the Russian release and now the western release. While being one of the best information outlets in the Lost Ark community, he’s also been recognized by the director of the game for this reason. He’s always looking to help anyone who is new to the game and has a playlist of guides on his YouTube channel to help explain the games numerous systems. Sywo hosts his own podcast as well where he discusses the state of the game. Sywo has a love for Lost Ark like no other and will continue to create content for the game for the foreseeable future.

Sywo’s Socials
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All of these creators have been making content for a long time. All of them are amazing people and they all have fantastic communities. Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out or to get involved, I recommend these creators.