Lost Ark Assassin outfit

Amazon’s Response to Censorship Controversy

Since Amazon Games announced that they would be adjusting Lost Ark to a western audience, the accusations of censorship haven’t ceased. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most controversial topics about it.

Starting outfits have been changed

Players from other regions might have observed that starter outfits for some classes have changed. Players haven’t left it unnoticed since topics complaining about these changes, and accusing Amazon of censorship, quickly began to rise. As of today, the discussion is centered on a post that has received more than 800 replies on the official forums.

Amazon was quick to respond with the following statement in regards to player concerns about outfits being replaced:

Original outfits have not been removed, they are just not as front and center and we have added in additional options for players.

Roxx (Amazon):

With this statement, they insist on saying that their intentions are to include more diverse outfits and that the original ones have not been removed. Besides this, players have continued discussing this topic on the official forums.

Some characters have had their textures changed

Amazon’s promise to make Lost Ark characters more representative of the western audience resulted in some characters having their models and/or textures replaced.

This is an example of a character that had its skin tone changed (though it seems a bit buggy):

Original image by TanabeKyou

Chat filter is uncontrollable

Another complaint concerning censorship has to do with the chat filter. You couldn’t even complete one entire sentence with at least one word not being replaced by those annoying asterisks, with some words such as “420” or “kill” not being allowed. On top of that, Lost Ark is a Mature-rated game, which makes this extreme censorship totally unnecessary.

Amazon already acknowledged the issue with the next comment:

Thanks everyone for your feedback, we hear you and we’ll make sure your feedback reaches the appropriate teams. As this Beta Test continues please keep the feedback coming, we appreciate it.

Seawolf (Amazon):