Ark Week: Director Cast, Twitch Drops, Founder’s Packs

An exciting week full of Founder’s Packs giveaways, Twitch Drops, and a special announcement from the Game Director awaits us during Ark Week. It will be taking place between February 7 at 1AM UTC and February 11 to celebrate the Western release of Lost Ark.

Smilegate Director Cast and Big Announcement

To inaugurate Ark Week, a very special cast with Smilegate Director Keum Kang Seon will be taking place on February 7 through Crown’s Twitch Channel. Moreover, a big Lost Ark announcement is expected to be made during that event. A few days ago, the director confirmed that Smilegate is working on a launch trailer for the game. So we could possibly see that.

Twitch Drops and Founder’s Packs Giveaways

Multiple Twitch Drops and rewards are expected to be given during Ark Week. The only confirmed drop for now is the Shaphia Pet Chest, which will give you an in-game pet with a color of your choice. To obtain this chest you only need to watch Crown’s Stream for 4 hours and most likely link your Amazon/Steam account to Twitch.

In addition to Twitch Drops, according to Crown’s Channel About section, you’ll be able to claim Founder’s Packs for channel points. With Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum costing 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 points respectively.

Edit Founder’s Packs will not be redeemable for channel points:

Conclusions and Event Updates

This event, in addition to Legends of Lost Ark, will be giving great in-game rewards for all Lost Ark players. Make sure you follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss the latest updates!