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Best Things to try out during Closed Beta

With the Closed Beta starting this Thursday, it’s time for us to share some of the best mechanics and systems to familiarize yourself with. The Lost Ark beta will only last a week, so if you want to get ready for release you might need to check the following tips.

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Find your Ideal Class

If you are new to Lost Ark, you may want to try the different classes the game has to offer. The class system in Lost Ark is much different than in other MMORPGs, so there isn’t a Holy Trinity (Tank, Healer, DPS). All classes are designed to DPS, though some of them have more supportive mechanics, such as the Bard or the Paladin.

One really important thing to remark is that during beta you will be given a free boost to level 50 once you get your first character to 50. Given this, my suggestion would be to level a class of your choice to max level and use that boost to try a new one.

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Learn how gearing and endgame content works in Lost Ark

The Closed Beta is the only chance for new players (who don’t want to play in other regions) to learn the core gameplay and mechanics of the game. This means that the more experience you have with endgame content, the more advantage you will have on release. You’ll be able to try PvE and PvP. PvP in Lost Ark is equalized, which means that all players will have the same equipment level. On the other side, PvE endgame is somewhat similar to other MMORPGs.

Experiment with the Cash Shop

Amazon has specified that players will be given 40,000 Royal Crystals, the only paid currency, during the Closed Beta to test the Cash Shop. Which could be the equivalent of about 400$. This means we’ll be able to try many skins, mounts, and pets that will, most likely, be available on release as well.

Try the Housing System

The Housing System in Lost Ark is really impactful in terms of progression. This is due to it not being only cosmetic, as you can also obtain several resources and consumables which are extremely important for endgame content. If I were you, I would give it a go and learn the basics so you are fully prepared for the game launch next year.

In the Western version, it’s called Stronghold and you should be able to unlock it once you reach Luterra Castle (around level 27). You’ll receive a purple quest asking you to talk to Thirain.

Read lore and watch the cutscenes

One thing you don’t want to be wasting your time on release is lore. Lost Ark’s main storyline is packed with amazing cutscenes and straightforward lore. Therefore, you don’t want to be missing it, and the perfect opportunity to do that is during the Beta. Especially now that it’s been fully translated into English.


A Lot of things to try in only a week

These are a few things that would be worth trying during Closed Beta. Although, in comparison to the amount of content that Lost Ark has for players to enjoy, this is a tiny list. If you have any other things that you are looking forward to trying during Closed Beta leave it in the comments below. Have a nice day!