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Lost Ark Closed Beta Leveling Tips

Whether you are new to Lost Ark or you’ve already played it in other regions, Amazon has promised us that their version of the game is aiming to be a bit different from the rest, though the initial steps won’t probably change. The leveling process in Lost Ark is much shorter than in other MMORPGs and is packed up with cool cinematics and bosses, so most likely, especially if it’s your first time in the game, you will enjoy it as it is. However, since the Closed Beta is only a few days long you may want to experience the endgame content beforehand or just skip some useless boring quests.

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Quest Types

Main: This is the main questline and must be completed in order to finish the leveling process. Once you unlock ship traveling they turn into the blue icon.
Purple: These quests are usually tutorial quests and give permanent stat bonuses or skill points.
QuestilesQuestlines: a few chained quests you have to complete which sometimes gives unique rewards.
Secondary Quests: These are completely optional and don’t give any kind of unique reward.
Red Quests: Red quests are random and have a timer, they give a bunch of XP on completion.
Rapport/Affinity: These are specific to an NPC and can be completed at any time.
Most common types of quests

Recommended Leveling Path

The recommended leveling path, particularly if you are new to Lost Ark, is to do all the possible quests and dungeons, so you can experience the storyline and cutscenes (which are really cool, to be honest). Although, you may skip a few secondary quests if you don’t really care about a specific zone storyline. This is the recommended way as you’ll be able to discover Lost Ark’s main arc so you can rush it when the game finally releases.

Fastest Leveling Path – About 12 hours

If you’d like to experience the endgame beforehand or you’ve already played Lost Ark before this is the best path for you. For this way, you should only do the Main Quests, which are required to progress, the Purple Quests, which are also important because they give unique rewards, and the Red Quests, as they give a good amount of XP, I suggest as well doing Questlines, they don’t take much time and usually give unique rewards.

Once you unlock Ship Traveling, the game suggests you take the Tortoyk > Anikka > Arthetine route. Personally, I find the Tortoyk storyline a bit boring, and I find that finishing Arthetine first and then Anikka and Tortoyk makes the leveling process quick and enjoyable.

This path is also much more challenging as you may find yourself underleveled in many situations. You might want to focus your skill points on a few skills and spam them, or if you feel overwhelmed try to follow the original route.


In the end, it won’t matter if you rush it or take it slow because I’m sure we’ll all enjoy Lost Ark’s fantastic gameplay and story. If you have other leveling tips that you’d like to share with us you can leave them in the comments below. Have a good day!

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