Lost Ark Beta

Closed Beta Overview – Date, Access, Content

The closed beta begins tomorrow and we’ve compiled most of the latest information about it.

  • It begins on November 4 at 9AM PT (4PM UTC) and ends on November 11 at 11:59AM PT (7:59PM UTC)
  • It will be available in Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania, with servers in Europe and NA.
  • You need to get access or buy a founder’s pack to play it. Some streamers will be dropping keys on Twitch. For complete info, check our article on How to play the Lost Ark Closed Beta for Free
  • There’s no NDA, so you can record/stream it if you wish.
  • Preload has already started, you can download it right now to save some time tomorrow.
  • All launch classes will be available to play up to level 55.
  • Once you reach level 50 you will get a level 50 boost for another character.
  • Players will be given 40,000 Royal Crystals (paid currency) to spend on the cash shop.
  • All progress you make on the Closed beta will be removed for launch.
  • A lot of new content has been added since Alpha.

That’s all the information you need to hop into the closed beta. For more information and Lost Ark content you can check our Beta Guides and follow us on our social networks:

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