Closed Beta Launch Day Overview

Now that launch day is over, we’ll go over the most relevant things that happened today.

Player Counts

The game peaked at 88,075 concurrent players on Steam yesterday. This is a pretty decent number, especially for a closed Beta.

On Twitch, Lost Ark reached 269,904 concurrent viewers and 3,156 channels streaming it. Some big streamers such as CohhCarnage or elxokas had partnered with Amazon to stream the game, which boosted it to third place on Twitch’s top categories for a few hours.

Issues with Twitch Drops – Duplicate keys, emails not being sent.

Many players were reporting on the Official Forums and on Twitter that they were getting duplicate keys (another person had already claimed it) or were not receiving the email with a key after a few hours. Some users received up to 4 emails and all of them had used keys. Luckily, Amazon quickly addressed the issue and fixed it.

If you are still having trouble with Twitch Drops check this page.

Server Stability

The Closed Beta launched with only a single server for each region, this was intentional as Amazon wanted to test server load before release. During this initial stage, some players experienced queues to join the game. However, it only lasted for a few minutes until Amazon opened new servers.

In general, the server performance was surprisingly good, there were no high latency issues and most players were able to play the game with no problem. If you are getting an error that kicks you out of the game while trying to connect to a server you might want to check this post.

There’s an official Known Issues List on the official forums in case you want to check it out.

PvP issues under level 50

PvP arena is not scaling properly for players below level 50. Damage values are extremely low for its equivalent on Russian and Korean servers. CM Roxx has already acknowledged the issue and posted the following statement:

There was a PvP tournament, which had to be canceled due to these issues, planned for the beta launch.

(UPDATE) This issue should be fixed with the hotfix that will go live on November 6 at 10:00 PM PT.

Quick reminder to get access to the Closed Beta

If you still don’t have access to the Closed Beta you can get a key by watching streamers with Drops Enabled on Twitch for 30 minutes. For more details check our article on How to play the closed beta for free. Moreover, yesterday we hosted a small giveaway, you can check if there are still some keys unclaimed.

Conclusions and how to report new issues

This is all the information we’ve managed to compile for you. If you are having any other issues you can report them on the Support Forums. Hopefully, you are having a fantastic experience. We’re currently having a blast with the game!

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