Difficulty Adjustment for Guardians and Abyss Dungeons

In the latest post on the official forums, it was announced that some endgame content (Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons) will be receiving some difficulty adjustments based on player feedback:

Difficulty is a hot topic when it comes to Lost Ark’s endgame content, and we’ve seen a lot of feedback around specific raids and dungeons that have left players feeling like they are more tedious than fun. In response to this feedback, we’ll be adjusting the difficulty of the following T1 and T2 content to make things a bit easier.

Guardian Raids

  1. Vertus
  2. Nacrasena
  3. Flame Fox Yoho
  4. Tytalos
  5. Achates
  6. Alberhastic

Abyss Dungeons

  1. Necromancer’s Origin
  2. Hall of the twisted Warlord
  3. Hilderbrandt Palace
  4. Sea of Indolence

This change will take place during our weekly update, and we’ll have more details to come once those patch notes are shared.

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  1. I was afraid of this. There’s TONS of horrible players, like 80% of the players dont even understand counter and stagger mechanics, let alone more complex ones. The raids are already too easy with an adequate group, you could even pug most of them, even though puging shouldn’t even be a viable option for properly designed raids.

    Just get a group of friends and go through them, they’re actually too easy, especially since you can just outgear them very easely, and even skip most mechanics. Please, for the love of god, don’t nerf already easy content, introduce a new “easy” mode for them or something for kids or people who suck at the game, and just buff the bosses for everyone else, cause it’s fun for the first time, if you’re going in with barely having the ilvl cap, but if you have 40 more ilvl then the cap, it’s already way too easy…

  2. Lo interesante de este juego era su difiicultad, y vienen a nefrearlo porque no le llegan las habilidades a algunos, otro juego que intentan matar

  3. The ones asking for adjustments are the same that are going to quit the game in 2 weeks or so.
    We don’t need those nerfs, we even need buffs of some bosses that are just not challenging at all

  4. Pliz don’t do this we like challenge, ppl need to learn mechanics, just look others mmorpgs that are easy you now why they fail, don’t do this x.x

  5. Noooooooo! Dont do that!!! Dont nerf the T1 and T2! This difficult its a good challenge to the players!

  6. some guardian raids need more attention, players searching and some videos to watch. For new players, that dont have some experience in mmorpg’s, that can be a lot harder and untractive to play

  7. Cool, now fix the censorship, the starter outfits, the outfits of some NPCs which you have lied to us telling us it wouldn’t go that far, restore the original art and stop being racists, Korean art is good enough for us, Thank you.

  8. Please reconsider! Maybe add something to hint at mechanics in game but the difficulty as things are now is fine! Most of those guardians aren’t even difficult.

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