Gold River live Q&A: New Classes, Raids, Global LOA ON

During the first day of Ark Week, a live Q&A with the Lost Ark Game Director Gold River took place. He gave some really important answers; so we’ll go over the most relevant ones:

What caused the delay of the game

He apologized for the delay and specifically said that New World wasn’t the reason behind it. It was the localization of all Tier 2 and Tier 3. He wanted Tier 3 content for release and personally made a request to Amazon Games for Legion Raids to be included as soon as possible.

When will new content be released (Classes, Raids, …)

We should expect new classes to come every 2-3 months. He also said that their goal is to release Legion Raids as soon as possible so we could expect Argos to come in about 1 month. Another month after that, the first Legion Raid, Valtan, would be released. He also mentioned that they’re closely monitoring the base player progression to make sure that it isn’t too fast.

LOA ON in the West

LOA ON, the most important Lost Ark event in Korea also got a lot of relevance during this Q&A. Gold River said that their dream is to have a global LOA ON event. However, this would only happen if the other regions catch up with Korea.

Feedback from Western Players

He often reads the Lost Ark subreddit and watches Youtube content. In general, he’s very grateful to the fanbase for providing feedback.

What would you say to someone who thinks that the game is P2W

He stated that Lost Ark is a completely Free To Play game. Meaning that they don’t design the game with obstacles for players who don’t spend money.

His Advice for New Players

His main tip for new players would be to take their time and don’t go too fast.

Will we get Ranked PvP Parties?

He said that they’re working on PvP, monitoring it, and constantly trying to improve it. This doesn’t confirm nor deny the question.

His Player Goal for Western Release

His goal for the western release is to reach 200k concurrent players.

When will Female Berserker be released

Female Berserker will be released by the end of the year or the start of the next.

Will other regions ever catch up?

As he mentioned before, his dream is for all regions to get updates at the same time., including Global LOA ON events. So that is something they want.

Those were the most important answers given during this Q&A. If you want to know more I suggest you check the full VOD.