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How to play the Lost Ark Closed Beta for Free

The Closed Beta is right around the corner and it will be our single opportunity to play Lost Ark in the upcoming months (Well, at least the western version). It will run from November 4 at 9AM PT (4PM UTC) to November 11 at 11:59AM PT (6:59PM UTC). There are various ways to get into the Closed Beta, which we’ll be going over.

Free and Guaranteed Access – Buy and Refund a Founder’s Pack

Yep, the simplest way to get access to the Closed beta is to purchase a Founder’s Pack, they range from 15$-99$, you can buy them from the Official Site. However, if you’d like to try the game but are unsure if you’ll like or not you can just buy one and, once the beta has finished, keep it or, otherwise, refund it. You can choose either Amazon or Steam to make your purchase.

On Amazon, preorders aren’t charged until release so you won’t be paying at all, and, on Steam you are charged on purchase. Though, you will receive the refund through the original payment method.

There should be no issues as in the Official FAQ it is stated that Founder’s Packs can be refunded under any circumstance before the game’s release in 2022. This means that even if you’ve played the Closed Beta for 200 hours, you should be able to refund it.

Totally Free – Sign Up for Testing

There’s a completely free alternative to get into the Closed Beta. Though the downside to it is that you don’t get guaranteed access. You can register on the Tester Sign Up Page. If you’d like to play the game before release, I completely suggest the first method. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a lot of hype for playing Lost Ark, so, most likely, there’s gonna be a lot of stress on the servers, and tester invites will be limited.

Last Option – Watching Twitch Streams

A small group of streamers will drop Beta Keys on their streams. To be eligible to get a key you need to watch for at least 30 minutes and once you’ve received a key you need to link your Amazon account to your Twitch Account. The list of streamers with drops enabled is the following:



The Only Chance to play Western Lost Ark before release

Amazon specified that there will be one single beta, which means that we won’t be able to play Lost Ark again until release in 2022. The hype for Lost Ark is huge and I’m sure we’ll have a nice time playing and watching those fantastic cutscenes again, now fully translated into English.

This is it for now. Have you already bought a founder’s pack? Let us know in the comments. Have a nice day!


Lost Ark Official FAQ