January Team Update: Tier 3 content, FAQ

The January Team Update has just been released and it includes some unexpected changes and some Frequently Asked Questions by players.

Tier 3 Content

The most surprising addition was the inclusion of Tier 3 content in our release. The continents of Yorn, Feiton, and Punika will be available for launch. However, most tier 3 content will have restrictions and will be released in future updates. Our version includes the following:

  • Tier 3 Abyss Dungeons up to Oreha Well
  • Chaos Dungeon Stage 3
  • Guardian Raids up to Velganos
  • Level 60

Voiceover and Quality of Life changes

  • Added Korean Voiceover
  • Balanced Progression Speed (compared to Beta Progression)
  • Some Early Cutscenes are now skippable


Naming Restrictions

  • The following are restricted: Special characters ([email protected]#$%, etc.), capitalized letters other than the first letter of the name (e.g., McFly, WeIrDoGuY), and spaces.
  • Guild Names: 2 – 20 Characters. Character Names: 2 – 16 characters. Note that spaces, numbers, and multiple capital letters cannot be used in either guild or character names.

Name Reservations

Completing the character creation process will reserve the name for that character. Character names are not automatically released again after character deletion. They need to be manually released by name clear made by AGS.

Character Voice

You will be able to select a voice for your player. Each class will include 3 – 4 options for you to choose from!

Stacking Founder’s Packs

Players can buy 1 of each Founder Pack which will stack, meaning they will receive all of the contents they purchased in each pack — the only things that will not stack are the 3-day Head Start, and the Founder’s Title (which is the same title for each pack).

Reedeming Founder’s Contents

Redeem them on the character you want to use. You can only use the on the initial 15 classes.

Misc Information

  • If a Guild Leader doesn’t log for 10 days, a new guild leader can be promoted.
  • KR/RU events may come in the future.
  • Font Type can’t be changed. Font size can be changed.
  • PvP rankings will remain account-wide.