Legends of Lost Ark

Legends of the Lost Ark Event Full Details

The complete website for the Legends of Lost Ark event has been just released. It includes all the teams, Twitch Drops, teams, and objectives.

Event Overview

We designed the first evolving Twitch drop. As you earn more points you unlock better rewards for your viewers. For this event, 60 creators across the globe split into 3 teams of 20 will race for the best drops and rewards for their viewers.

There are 3 teams. Each from a different region (Europe, Latin America, and North America). As teams complete objectives they’ll earn rewards for their viewers. Higher scores will unlock better Twitch Drops.

Twitch Drops

The following rewards are included as a Twitch Drop:

Tier 1: Battle Item Chest

Contains a Battle Item Chest 3 Pack, Regulus’ Light Currency Chest (100K Silver), and an Amethyst Shard Pack (1,500 Shards).

Tier 2: Arkesia Paper Hat Chest

This chest will unlock your choice (1) of the 5 unique paper hats.

Tier 3: Helgaia Pet Chest

This chest will unlock your choice (1) of the 4 unique Helgaia pets.

Tier 4: Neugier Gold Mount

This mount will allow you to speedily move throughout Arkesia.

The Legends of Lost Ark Twitch Drop items

Tiers will unlock as teams complete certain objectives. To be able to earn each unlocked drop you must watch four hours of streams between Feb. 8 at 5PM UTC and Feb. 28 at 8AM UTC.


A total of 60 Streamers (20 for each region) will be participating in the event.

Screenshot by Sheared#8940
Screenshot by Sheared#8940
Screenshot by Sheared#8940


Objectives have 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Challenging, Hard). Easy objectives include tasks like collecting 3 Island Hearts or upgrading your weapon to +9. Hard tasks give a higher number of points by completing activities such as Collecting 20 Island Hearts or Reaching the 50th floor of the Tower of Shadows without using any battle items. Some objectives may also include instant rewards for each creator.

As mentioned before, reaching a certain number of points will unlock new Twitch Drops for the viewers of that team.

Event Dates

The event will run from the Head Start on February 8 to February 28.

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  1. Great, so I have to have some spotty annoying teens on in the background for a minimum of four hours? Is that per drop? Can I just give someone money not to have to listen to them for the same rewards?

    • Do you know realise what a mute button is? also what kinda boomer shit is that to call 25 yr olds teens?

    • You can just mute them 😉 Or run twitch on your phone, you don’t have time for that anyway after launch

    • Bruh, most of those streamers are in their 30s… a spotty teen lol, have you ever watched a stream? xD

    • A lot of these streamers are adults. Datmodz for instance is old enough to be a parent and own his own place etc. You may just want to skip on Twitch exclusive content if you have those concerns and avoid any negative feelings. 🙂

      I took the time to check some of these streamers out because, like you, don’t want to be annoyed with background noise (IDK if drops actually require you to have the sound on or simply click the “claim”… either way)

      Good luck.

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