LOA ON Reveals: New Class, Female Berserker

Many things were revealed during LOA ON today, we’ll go over the most relevant ones.

New Class: Specialist

The Specialist class is coming to Korea in January, including the Artist as its first subclass. The Artist uses her brush as a weapon, featuring some detailed animations and ink particles. She’ll also be the third support added to the game.

New Gender-Unlock: Berseker

The newest Gender-Unlock coming to Lost Ark is the Berserker. There were not many details given about this new class.

New Continent: Rowen

This new continent features new PvP events in which players will be able to choose between 2 different PvP Factions. It hasn’t been detailed yet how these factions will work.


Another surprising addition to the game is minigames, which can be hosted by players. These minigames include Battle Royale, MOBA, a Platformer, and some sort of Mario Party. We should expect to hear more details about it in 2022.

Other Changes

Many other updates coming in 2022 include:

  • Quality of Life improvements
  • Map UI overhaul
  • Balance Changes
  • Gold Inflation fix
  • Housing Additions
  • 3rd Awakening
  • DirectX11
  • New Abyss Dungeons, and Guardian Raid.
  • New Collectible
  • Multiple new future zones

Our Version of Lost Ark

These changes are for the Korean Version of Lost Ark. It’s still unknown if we’ll get any of these changes, especially Quality of Life, but the future of Lost Ark is looking brilliant anyway.