Lost Ark Monetization Update

Amazon Games has recently released a blog post detailing the latest changes in the monetization system of the western version of Lost Ark. In this post we’ll go over these changes, how will this affect the game, and what has been the community’s opinion on this topic.

Amazon insists on making purchases optional

Lost Ark will be a completely free-to-play game with optional in-game purchases, Founder’s Packs, and other bundles released alongside new content. The in-game store features a vast array of cosmetic items for head-to-toe character customization, and convenience items such as auto-looting pets or items that allow you to access your storage while in the field.

Amazon Games:

Due to the endless controversy of Lost Ark being Pay To Win, Amazon has emphasized their focus on making in-game purchases “completely optional”, which is fantastic and is backed by some nice shifts regarding the in-game subscriptions.

 Most items are available with Crystals which can be earned by trading gold at a player-run exchange. Any item without a Crystal price will be tradable via the in-game trading post. […] (with few exceptions, such as Founder’s Packs and services like name changes).

Amazon Games:

Again, a really positive adjustment. Although, we’ll have to see how this is implemented into the game and if it’s similar to other regions.

We have updated how pet features function. Originally, players would rent features on their pets each month and the pets would gain additional functionality. An epic-grade pet will be available for free as a quest reward in the early stages of the game. In our version, pet purchases are permanent and the features that were previously rented are now available through Crystalline Aura benefits. Auto-looting remains a default feature of pets, […]

Amazon Games:

In other regions, there’s a feature to “rent” pet boosts for a monthly crystal fee, they’ve removed it. Now it’s included through the Crystalline Aura.

We tuned the timing on Mari’s Secret Store to make products stay in the store for longer periods of time, giving players more time to make a purchase decision. Players will have 72hrs before items rotate out of Mari’s Secret Store.

Amazon Games:

In other regions this shop rotates once every few hours, they’ve increased the time span to 3 days in order to give players a better chance of getting those items.

Crystalline Aura can be obtained without spending real money

Yes, it’s true. The Crystalline Aura can be obtained for free. It’s bought with Blue Crystals, which means you can trade in-game gold for Blue Crystals and get it without purchasing Royal Crystals. This has positively surprised the community and we’re glad that Amazon is honoring their word.

In addition, they’ve removed some subscription benefits that could be considered Pay To Win, such as increased movement speed and XP.

For more clarification, they’ve published an image detailing all the main currencies and what they are used for.


What do you think about these updates? We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.


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