Lost Ark Release and Preload Information

A few days ago the exact release date for Lost Ark in the West was announced. This includes preload, head start, and Free-To-Play release.


Preload for Lost Ark will start on February 7 at 5PM UTC for both Founders and F2P players. If you have purchased the game on Steam, you should be able to download the game around that time. If you purchased it on Amazon, check your email on that day because you’ll receive a Steam key to be able to download it.

Head Start

Players who purchase a Founder’s Pack will start playing 3 days early. Head start will begin on February 8 at 5PM UTC. If you purchase a pack after the Head Start has begun you’ll be able to play the game immediately. We recommend that you purchase the game on Steam because the game will be added to your account instantly. If you do it through Amazon, it may take some time before you get the key in your email.

Free-To-Play Release

Lost Ark will officially launch exactly 3 days after the Head Start (February 11 at 5 PM UTC). Any person with a Steam account will be able to play Lost Ark completely for free. If you’re new to the game don’t forget to check our Guides section.

Those are all the important dates you should keep in mind to prepare yourself for the Lost Ark release. It’s almost here!

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