March 17 Weekly Patch and Ban-Wave Update

Amazon has just released the Patch Notes for the weekly reset that will happen on March 17. We also got an update on the current ban-wave situation.

Weekly Update

Heroes of Arkesia,

Lost Ark’s weekly update will take place March 17th at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 8 AM CET with an expected downtime of 4 hours for all servers and regions. With this update, you can expect the following:

  • In-game event timers related to Daylight Savings Time changes will be fixed after Monday night’s hotfix did not resolve this issue. Players will need to have have DST enabled on their computers for the clock to appear correctly.
  • Because of the issues with in-game timers causing confusion around when the limited-time Arkesia Grand Prix event was taking place, we are providing all players with 3,000 Grand Prix event tokens. This currency will automatically be delivered to you Universal Storage.
    • We are also aware of a bug that prevents players from participating in the Arkesia Grand Prix if they try to complete the event quest with a character that is under level 50. Although this will not be fixed in this update, we are working on fix to go out during the event period.
  • For users that ran the Tytalos Guardian Raid while it was bugged, we will provide compensation for items that may have been lost. This exact compensation will vary per user since players will have consumed different items during their raid, but may include the following:
    • Awakening Stones
    • Consumable Battle Items
    • Phoenix Feathers
    • Blue Crystals
      These items will be delivered to your Universal Storage after the maintenance is complete.

We appreciate your patience, and we’ll let you know when servers are back online.

Ban-Wave Update

Hey everyone — first off, thank you for your patience as we sorted this out. The team has investigated this situation thoroughly, and I want to provide an update and some context for everyone.

There were a number of accounts suspended in this timeframe as a result of one of our speed hack detection programs. While almost all of these bans hit real speed hackers, it appears that the program did flag some lag/connection issues as speed hacks, which lead to a small number of player being banned as false positives.

Involved accounts should now be unsuspended, and if you were caught in this ban wave, we want you to know that there will be no strike against your account, and no repercussions. We apologize for any stress or confusion this may have caused, and we are working hard to shore up our cheating detection tools to both crack down on bots and prevent situations like this from happening in the future.