Sorceress Confirmed for Western Release, Summoner Removed

The recent December Team Update unveiled that the Sorceress will be coming on release for the western version of Lost Ark. This change comes with a cost as it will replace the Summoner. Meaning that the Bard and the Sorceress will be the only Mage classes available for release.

Heroes of Arkesia,

As we move towards launch, we have an exciting announcement to make about Lost Ark’s starting class lineup.

When Lost Ark launches in early 2022, the new Sorceress class will be available to players. The Sorceress will replace the previously included Summoner class in our starting class line-up, and the Summoner will instead come to Arkesia at a later date.

The Newest Class in Lost Ark

The Sorceress was released in Korea in August 2021 and is coming to Russian servers in mid-December. This class is the most similar to the typical Mage seen in other MMORPGs, so that may be a reason for Amazon’s decision.

Gender locked classes

Amazon once again reminds us that Smilegate is developing new gender alternatives to gender locked classes.

Gender locked classes

From the earliest days of Lost Ark’s announcement in the West, we heard players’ feedback about gender locked classes loud and clear. While not every class in the game currently has a male and female counterpart available, we wanted to be sure to include those that do early on. In the future, Smilegate RPG will be creating more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked, and we will bring these to Arkesia in time.

Another update is coming later this month

This update will not be the only one for December, as Amazon stated that we’ll get more Lost Ark news later this month. Hopefully, we’ll get a release date.

This won’t be our only update in December, stay tuned for more news later this month. As always, thank you for your support. Make sure to follow our social channels and as we head toward launch. […]

Sorceress Platinum Skin

The Platinum Skins were also updated to include the Sorceress.

Sorceress Heroes of Arkesia Episode

Lastly, another Heroes of Arkesia episode featuring the newly added Sorceress has been published along with the December Team Update.


Original Team Update

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  1. you clearly don’t know how game design works big guy amazon hosts the servers and produced it, in the entertainment world that means they wrote the checks they didn’t make the game the devs you know Developers thats Smilegate. buff nerfs changes ETC thats smilegate servers being shit over loaded long queue times thats amazon studio goes under employees not payed enough thats amazon.

  2. This is a huge bummer, to only have 2 choices in the mage tree. Rly 2?? Nice one Amazon. .I am really in loev with the korean version and respect the original launch experience, but instead even removing stuff from original launch is too much for me. (There are many new classes in live version, btw)

    Why is it too much?
    Mage is like the biggest archetype in western RPGs. It was a huge deal in stuff like Spellforce to suddenly have a unit that can cast spells. Boom. Not to even begin with the first MMOs. Cast fireballs or summon stuff? Glorious!

    And now you want to tell me Amazon is truly deciding there would only 2 single subclasses for the mage at the start?? It simply doesn’t feel like a very western decision at all. So let me explain… contrary… 6 for Martial Artists exist,because that’s including the Assassins not really differentiating. 4 For Archer type. Thusly I’m suprised we are allowed to choose from 3 warriors, good job, not just 2… Unfortunately the Assassin classes aren’t really different to Martial Artists, wich was often criticized by popular streamers in Korea but also western ones like Sywo *. You’d expect more tricks from such class (especially as a seperated main class system) but in truth they aren’t any it’s simply another Martial Artist. Contrary to western games where Assassins often offer new ways to play, such as (too much to tell, but things like traps, confusion, deception, but also venom (possibly for kiting), sometimes gadgets,.. assassins don’t have this in L.A.)

    Let me point it out again:
    in the typical 3 way western RPG scheme: Warrior, Mage, Archer
    That’s 9 Melees = 9 Warrior types (8)
    4 Pistol dudes and dudesses = 4 Archer types
    2 Mage choices = 2 Mage types (3, we could be fair here and say the Soulfist is kind of a Mage = 3, still only 2 offensive choices.)

    Usually the taste is well spread around these 3, that’s why I think this is a very suprising and bad design decision to go with this for a “western” publisher. As the Sorceress being theonly one with that direct offensive power in the very popular Mage archetype, I suspect the it will be the most played subclass in release, by far! And I don’t want to play a class that everyone else plays, TBH. (unless they are turned off by this reason, too)

    *Sywo: A streamer has more than 300 videos on Lost Ark. He states the mentioned similarities of MA and Asn here on youtbe: Lost ark eu/na class guide | How to pick your class 2021 , at about 25:30 – 26:30

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