Lost Ark Pets Guide – Cosmetic or Utility?

Hello to all you people coming to us through the power of the internet. My name is Neviriah but you can call me Nev if you’d like. Today I will shortly cover for you the aspect of pets in the game. So let’s hop right into it and see what our ‘soon-to-be’ little fluffy companions are all about!

On top of getting a 3 days head start to the game, each founder’s pack rewards you with multiple items that each have their respective in game value. While crystals and supply crates have a pretty obvious use, one might think that mounts and pets have only aesthetic purposes.

But Pets actually have more purpose in game than the usual & simple cosmetic approach. In Lost Ark, pets contribute to life improvements you can take advantage of. They follow you around wherever you go and automatically grab loot that drops on the ground. You can also use them to access your storage and send Mails from anywhere. And on top of that, they grant you a small combat buff. In-Game, simply press Alt+P to open the pet menu and summon your little friend.

You can get a pet in-game in multiple ways:

  • a free in-game quest that rewards you with one
  • the cash shop
  • events

And all the founder’s packs (including the smallest one) reward you with the cutest little cat pet as well! This means that you can start the game with a companion of your choice immediately, without having to wait to get to the first quest for obtaining one.

LA founder pack cats

You can choose between 3 different versions and they all even have a name, as we could see in the latest trailer for the founder’s pack below.

You can either have:

  • Nero: the cute little black cat
  • James: the red striped one with a white belly
  • Lizabet: the pure white cutie kitty!

Either of them will follow you along on your journey and help you throughout the game a little bit by providing subtle yet useful utility!

So if you were having doubts or if you were still on the verge of whether or not a founders pack is worth it, or even if you were just wondering about the utility of having a pet in the game or not; you now know: it isn’t just because they look cute. They are of use!

If you get a Founder’s Pack, let us know which of the 3 pets is your favorite? And even if you choose to go with the F2P option, tell us about your thoughts of Pets in games. Do you prefer them to simply be for optics or rather provide some use to you? Let us know 🙂

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Thank you for your time, take care & enjoy your future adventures!

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  1. I have the 30 day Crystalline Aura and 7 different pets all with different skills. No matter where I look for the skills, none of them are from the pet perks. I even change the pets over and over while looking at the skills and nothing ever changes. All I see are the buff icons above my HP Bar. Other than that, nothing shows that they actually provide a buff of any kind.

  2. The kittens are cute but I’d prefer a wolf to follow me around. I hope they have other more serious pets in the game – or aim to bring them out eventually.

  3. Very nice article detailing the pet system! I actually learned some from this cause I didn’t know too much about the pets yet. Definitely getting the Platinum pack though. Plus I want the cute kitty! So glad to know they will be useful too. Like my own carbuncle to follow me around. XD

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